Frequently Asked Questions

1. General Information
1 - 1. What was settled?
1 - 2. Which grievances are covered?
1 - 3. Which employees are entitled to cash distributions under the settlement?
1 - 4. Why must one have been a bargaining unit CBPO or CBPAS at some point between 10/1/10 and 9/30/15 to be eligible to receive a payment under the settlement?
1 - 5. What about employees who have retired?
1 - 6. I will be retiring this calendar year. Am I eligible for a payment under the settlement?
1 - 7. I was a bargaining unit member during the 10/1/10 – 9/30/15 time period but retired.  Do I receive a payment at the same time as current eligible employees?
1 - 8. Are employees who were detailed to supervisory or other non-bargaining unit positions included?
1 - 9. How were cash distributions determined?
1 - 10. Did the fact that I reached the annual OT cap in one or more of the fiscal years from FY 11 – FY 15 affect my payment under the settlement?
1 - 11. When were employees who did not receive their full payment because of OT cap limitations notified of their entitlement to additional comp time?
1 - 12. How much additional comp time was granted to employees who did not receive their full payment because of OT cap limitations?
1 - 13. When must those who receive additional comp time due to OT cap limitations use the additional comp time?
1 - 14. Who performed the distribution calculations and distribute the funds?
1 - 15. Is the settlement administrator being paid out of the settlement funds?
1 - 16. How much of the settlement fund was paid to employees? What money came out of the settlement fund?
1 - 17. What money came out of the employee’s cash distribution?
1 - 18. The Settlement Administrator withheld taxes for a different state than where I live. Can the Settlement Administrator arrange for me to receive a refund of those taxes?
1 - 19. I moved to a different state after the first distribution of checks in May 2018. Which state taxes were withheld from my payment in the second distribution?
1 - 20. Were retirement and TSP contributions made with my settlement payment?
1 - 21. Will the back pay I received affect my high 3 year average for purposes of calculating my retirement annuity?
1 - 22. When and how were cash distributions be paid?
1 - 23. What was done to fix the errors in the original data set?
1 - 24. If I received a payment under a national or local grievance that is included in the settlement, am I still entitled to a payment from the settlement fund?
1 - 25. What can I do if I disagree with my payment amount?
1 - 26. How were appeals resolved?
1 - 27. If I filed an appeal, what comes next?
1 - 28. Can the settlement administrator reissue my check in a different name?
1 - 29. If I receive a check for a deceased employee, can the settlement administrator reissue it in my name?
1 - 30. If I did not receive my check, can the settlement administrator reissue it?
1 - 31. What if I received my check in the mail but I did not cash it before it expired?
1 - 32. Is interest accruing on the settlement funds? What will happen to that interest?